Tankless hot water systems are not appropriate for all homes, but they offer many advantages for smaller households. If you live alone or with just one other person, you might not need a tank to store heated water. Here are five benefits you could enjoy if you choose a tankless system.

1. Hot Water When You Need It

Many hot water systems heat up water and store it for when it is needed. If you forget to switch on the water heater, you will have to wait until the hot water tank fills up with hot water before you can take a hot shower or bath.

Tankless hot water systems heat water quickly when it is needed. Whenever you turn on the shower or hot water faucet, the water will be ready at the temperature you need. The only restriction is that most tankless systems are not powerful enough to provide hot water to two faucets at the same time, but this is unlikely to be a problem if your home has only one bathroom.

2. Lower Energy Usage

Whether your goal is to be eco-conscious or simply to lower your energy bills, you are sure to appreciate the low energy usage of tankless hot water systems. When water is stored in a tank, it gradually loses heat, which means the system must use more energy to heat it back up to temperature. Tankless hot water systems avoid this energy wastage.

3. More Space

A hot water tank can take up a lot of space in your home. When you opt for a tankless hot water system, you can use the space around your water heater for storing towels, airing clothes, or for any other purpose. Having extra storage space is very important for people who live in small apartments.

4. No Risk of Legionella

Legionella bacteria grow in hot water tanks that are not kept at a high enough temperature. This type of bacteria can cause serious illness. Tankless hot water systems do not store warm water, but rather heat water only when necessary, so there is no risk of bacterial growth.

5. Fewer Maintenance Needs

If your hot water system includes a tank, there is a far higher risk of it needing repair. Hot water tanks can rust, corrode, and develop leaks. Tankless hot water systems have fewer parts to develop problems, which means they typically need much less frequent maintenance. As a result, the long-term costs associated with these hot water systems could be much lower.