People who are designing and building their dream home will have many things to take into consideration. Perhaps you have already thought of many of the practicalities, such as connecting your home to the mains electrical supply, for example. Most home builders will also think about what they need to do to connect to the public water supply as well as their domestic plumbing system. Something that catches out many self-builders, however, is what they will do with their new home's wastewater.

Helpfully, most good plumbing contractors will be able to handle your wastewater requirements as well as your water supply. What are the key things they will be able to do for you?

Sewer Connections

Unless you are planning on installing a septic tank, you will need to connect your toilet and other foul water waste to the main sewer system. In Australia, most mains sewers run under or parallel to the street. Therefore, your plumbing contractors may need to apply to the local authorities to make a new sewer connection if it will mean digging up the road. In some cases, you will be able to effect a new sewer connection by bridging to the main one via a neighbouring outlet pipe. Remember that sewer connections are not just there to provide a coupling with the main sewer but to supply an adequate inspection pit to allow for blockages to be cleared.

Stormwater Drainage

Not all properties will require stormwater infrastructure. However, if you are building your house close to the coast or a river, then some sort of system will need to be in place. In some cases, stormwater drainage will make use of the same sewer connections that your wastewater utilises. In other cases, preventing floods may mean installing buried pipes to convey water from one side of your property to the other. Culverts are also often used to improve defences against excessive amounts of water.


Sometimes referred to as a dry well, a soakaway is a system for dealing with the rainwater that is collected by your home's guttering. Essentially, a soakaway is an underground porous pipe that conveys rainwater away from your home's walls so that you are more able to avoid rising damp. Because it is porous, it allows water to escape slowly over a prolonged period so you don't end up with an unduly damp area in your garden. Again, all good plumbing firms will be able to identify a suitable location on your property to install a soakaway for you.