Householders may have several different issues that arise from their home's hot water cylinder that mean a repair is required. Like a leaking hot water pipe, an emergency hot water repair will be required if there is water escaping into your home, potentially damaging carpets and wall coverings. Even if it is not an emergency, you will soon need a hot water system repair if you are currently experiencing any of the following faults. Tenants should contact their landlord to book a plumber to come round and inspect the problem while homeowners ought to seek professional help rather than try to effect a hot water system repair themselves – doing so can make the problem worse. What are the main hot water cylinder faults to look out for?

  • Insufficient Hot Water

Most people use more hot water in the winter than the summer because they tend to have more baths than showers. That said, if you know you are running out of hot water from your tank sooner than you should be, then it could be that your cylinder is leaking. A hot water system repair companyc may resolve the fault, of course, but you may also like to consider upgrading your cylinder to a larger one to increase capacity. It can sometimes be more cost-effective to do this in the long run.

  • Scalding Water

Most hot water cylinders will allow you to turn down the temperature they heat water to. However, if you find that scalding water is coming out of your taps despite lowering the temperature setting, then you have a fault. Again, a hot water system repair, from Parramatta Hot Water Service for example, will be needed, usually to either replace a broken pressure relief valve or to exchange the temperature controller.

  • Discoloured Water

You sometimes see discolouration in your hot water supply at the same time as you get it with your cold water. In these circumstances, there is usually a supply issue and the potential for a broken supply pipe from the mains. If discolouration or smelly water appears from your hot taps only, then it is more likely you will need a hot water plumber to sort the issue out for you. In many cases, replacing the anode rod in the hot water cylinder will resolve the problem.

  • Odd Noises

You may notice some strange sounds your hot water system makes from time to time. If this only occurs when you run a hot bath or shower, for example, then it could be due to sedimentary or limescale build-up in your pipes. Your plumber can flush the system out from your hot water cylinder to get rid of the gurgling noises or replace sections of pipe which have become clogged up.