You need to consider various factors during the designing of a drainage system. One essential element to think about is getting the right drainage grate. A good drainage grate will improve the efficiency of the drainage unit. Stainless steel drainage grates are among the best options in the market. But you need to know the best ways to clean and maintain them. That will ensure they remain safe and hygienic. Use these guidelines to clean your stainless steel drainage grates.

Clean It During Installation

Check that the grate is clean before installation. You will also need to clean it as soon as you complete the installation process. There is a high chance that dust will settle on it during the process. When you are setting the grate in place for the first time, you need it in the best state. That is why you should clean it after putting it in place.

Use the Manufacturer's Cleaning Set

Established manufacturers often include a cleaning set with the grate. Most of the cleaning sets include a remover and cleaner. You can use the cleaner every day. The primary purpose of the cleaner is to get rid of any superficial impurities and slime. They can also prevent dirt from clinging on the grate surface. Removers are usually strong detergents. They can get rid of any stubborn stains from the drain. You need to have both the remover and cleaner for the effective cleaning of your grilles.

Clean the Grate Underside

Many of the drainage grates made today have a design that allows easy removal. That helps during cleaning. Most homeowners, however, forget about cleaning the underside of the grilles. They only clean the top part and move on. Cleaning only the top area of the grate will lead to a smelly bathroom. The grille's underside needs the same care as the top. Thus, you should remove the stainless steel grates and turn them over when cleaning. You can then get rid of any debris stuck below the grille. 

Be Careful With the Surrounding Areas

The final consideration when cleaning the grates is to check the surrounding areas. Sometimes you may decide to use an acid-based cleaner around other surfaces. Take care that these cleaners do not come into contact with your stainless steel grille. It only takes a small amount of an acidic cleaning solution to affect the finish on the grate. The best tactic to use is to begin by cleaning the grate. You can then remove it when cleaning the rest of the floor. Make sure your rinse off the acid cleaner with a lot of water before putting the grille back.

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