A blocked drain is a huge cause for concern and needs to be fixed immediately. Depending upon which area this occurs, a blocked drain can block water supply. Blocked drains in bathrooms prevent the flusher from working properly and can result in sewage backing up through the toilet, creating a huge mess and damaging property in the process. Blocked drains also occur in kitchens where they prevent any water from going down the drain.

Here is what to do in the event of a blocked drain:

Immediate steps 

It is best to turn off the main water supply before taking a deeper look. If the blockage is underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink, the issue may be a blockage in the P-trap. This is basically the drainage pipe directly underneath the sink which is curled in the shape of a P. This is shaped this way to prevent smelly odours from sewage into the house. However, this shape means that things like hair and soap scum can build up and cause blockage. Often, objects may be accidentally washed down the pipe and caused the blockage. The best thing to do is to place a bucket underneath the P-trap to catch any leakages and call a licensed plumber. One should not attempt to clean this themselves as only a plumber knows how to clean this properly and secure this back into place.

Use a plunger 

Plungers can be used as a temporary measure of making blocked drains functional again. Basically, a plunger applies pressure so that a blockage can be loosened and drained down the pipe. However, one cannot be certain as to how big the blockage is, so it is important to call a qualified plumber to carry out an investigation into the pipe and see if there is a major issue. 


This is an immediate solution to blocked pipes that can only be carried out by qualified plumbers. Basically, plumbers spray a powerful stream of water through the pipe using a machine called a jetter. This powerful force dislodges blockages and cleans out the pipe. However, if the blockage is solid, then other measures must be used. For instance, roots can grow into pipes and cause a blockage; this requires excavation and replacement by licensed plumbers.

It is important to get the help of a plumber when dealing with blocked drains to ensure the situation is resolved as soon as possible.