Australia's climate is highly unpredictable. Sometimes, there is extreme heat, and at other times, there is heavy rain that can flood suburbs in a matter of hours. The roofing of homes is severely affected by these constant weather changes and requires frequent repair and maintenance to ensure that it is safe. If roofing is not repaired, then this could act as a safety hazard and also cause leakage of water in the ceiling of homes, causing extensive damage to properties. For this reason, even those homes with newly built and structurally strong roofs should call a licensed professional to carry out periodic check-ups. 

Here are the most common roofing issues that can arise, requiring repair and maintenance:

Leaking roofs- Water from rain can seep into roofing and cause leakage. This leakage seeps into the property's ceilings, causing damage and also causing a build-up of mould. This mould is dangerous to human health and causes the inhabitants of the property to become sick often. Many times homeowners are unaware that their roof hasn't been installed properly due to poor workmanship. The roof may look completely fine from the outside, but inner parts such as shingles may not have been installed properly. In such cases, even a small storm can damage the roof, causing leakage. Roofing repair specialists get to the source of the problem to minimise future leaks. 

Loose fittings- As mentioned earlier, Australia's weather changes frequently. This causes rapid changes in temperature from hot to cool or vice versa. This can cause shrinkage and expansion of roofing tiles, causing them to become cracked and loose. When this happens, leakages occur more frequently. Regular checkups can help prevent this issue. 

Moss- This issue is more common in roofs with terracotta tiles. Moss usually grows in roof shingles due to moisture seepage. This moss basically acts as a sponge, so whenever it rains, the moss absorbs water. Then this moisture seeps into the roof underlayers, eventually saturating the roof's sheathing. Furthermore, this moisture leakage through moss can damage key structural elements of the roof. If this issue is not dealt with urgently, then the damage can be extensive, causing thousands of dollars to repair. 

The roof is probably the most important structural element of a property that needs constant maintenance. Older properties, in particular, should have their roofing regularly repaired to ensure that no severe damage occurs that compromises the safety of household inhabitants. If you suspect your roof has an issue, contact a professional who provides roof repair.