Does your house have a blocked drain? Other than foul smells, a blocked drain will also put the health of your family at risk. Besides, potential buyers will show little interest in a property that has blocked drains.

So, what should you do if you have a blocked drain? Below are some useful tips.


Use a plunger to suction items that may have blocked your drain. Increase the effectiveness of the plunger by ensuring it is large enough to cover the toilet or sink opening. Unfortunately, plungers may not be your best tool to deal with blockages caused by fat and grease.

Hot Water

Pour boiling water in the sink if you suspect that the blockage is caused by fast and grease. Hot water can loosen the PVC joints in your sink. As such, the method is ideal if the sink has ceramic or metal pipes. You could also pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar inside the sink. The solution will scour the pipes and wash away food items that may have blocked your sink.

Chemical Cleaner

Caustic cleaners will dissolve bio-degradable items that have blocked your drains. These solutions are highly corrosive. Therefore, you should wear gloves when using caustic cleaners.

Water Jet

Pressurised water from a wet jet will wash down solid items that have blocked your sink. However, you must be careful since too much water could cause a backflow. 

Call a Plumber

Call your plumber if you have a problem unclogging the drain. The primary advantage of engaging a plumber is that they will help diagnose the cause and location of the blockage. Plumbers have specialist tools such as plumbing snakes that use CCTV to locate the blockage. Power tools such as augers will remove all types of blockages inside your drains.

Preventing Blocked Drains

Below are some tips to help you avoid blocked drains in your home: 

  • Do not pour grease and fats inside your kitchen sink. If you have to, pour some warm water to prevent the substances from clogging the pipes.
  • Do not wash down hair and nail clippings inside your bathroom sink.
  • Cut any plants growing along the drainage system. The roots could penetrate your drainage system and cause severe blockages.
  • Do not flush non-biodegradable items such as keys, toys and diapers down your toilet. These items are hard to remove once they block the system.
  • Inspect your drainage system for broken pipes. Besides, you should empty the septic tank on time.

Blocked drains should no longer be a problem in your home. Try the recommended DIY methods or call a plumber if you cannot unclog the drainage system.