When buying a water pressure pump, you want to choose a pump that meets your needs and matches your situation or environment. Here are the specifics that you might want to consider:

Pump Capacity

This is how much water the water pressure pump can pump per minute, which is abbreviated as LPM to stand for litres per minute. Of course, this depends on your application or water needs. For example, if you are supplying water for many-storey buildings or irrigating large gardens while using long pipes or pipes that run for long distances, you might need a higher LPM. However, if you are supplying water for single-storey houses with pipes running for short distances, you might need a lower LPM.

How Many Taps Can the Pump Handle?

Of course, when you pump water, you want it to be directed to the taps. Figure out how many taps you need and you will know the kind of pump to select. Larger capacity pumps/water pressure pumps with a higher LPM usually accommodate more taps when compared to water pressure pumps with lower LPMs.

Where Are You Sourcing Water From?

You might come across different water pressure pumps used to pump water from particular sources. They may be modified in a way that can efficiently and effectively pump water from specific sources. For example, jet household pumps are best for creeks or dams because they are self-priming and can handle air well. On the other hand, submersible household pumps can be used inside a bore or tank since they can be submerged. This indicates that you might have some unique needs that particular pumps are modified to meet.


When purchasing a water pump, it is recommended to look out for a pump that has a warranty. The longer the warranty period, the higher the quality. Therefore, if you get a pump with a two- or three-year warranty period and another with one, choose the three-year warranty pump.


A pump is a delicate piece of equipment; if you find it difficult operating it even with a manual, let a professional water pressure pump installer handle its installation. Depending on its size, a pump can be expensive; you don't want to damage it with a trial-and-error strategy. You might regret it afterwards when you damage the pump and have to buy another one without getting to use it first. 

For more information about water pressure pumps, contact a professional.