There is no doubt that water is a precious commodity in today's world. Indeed, there is a need to conserve fresh water and ensure responsible use of this precious gem. One way of doing this is through early and precise detection of leaks to reduce wastage within residential areas.

Your customers will only count on your plumbing services if they are confident in the techniques you use to detect and examine leaks. If you are a someone looking for a reliable party to help with leak detection, here are some of the tricks that a good service provider employs.

Cameras and High-Definition Gadgets

Cameras and high-definition gadgets are one of the methods used to detect leaks, especially in water pipes lying deep in the ground. The method involves dropping a visual device into the pipe and then cutting off the water supply to the area affected by the leak. The high-definition device shows the plumber where the leak is occurring in real-time. After that, you can follow up with trenchless pipe repair methods, which involves removing the damaged section of the pipe and fitting a replacement section.

Listening Devices

You can also point out leaks using listening or acoustic devices. They rely on the sound made by the water as it flows through the pipes, identifying any inconsistencies and bringing them to your attention. Generally, the devices come with ground microphones listening to the movements in the pipe as the operator moves along the pipe. The signal loudens as the operator closes in on the leak. On the other hand, you can opt for acoustic units mounted permanently along the pipe. However, the accuracy of these devices is limited a few feet around the area where you fix them, making them a little less reliable to the movable ones.

Secondary Leak Detection

Secondary leak detection works by keeping an eye on the pressure changes of the water as it moves through the pipe. Essentially, the technique involves the strategic installation of pressure gauges and flow meters to isolate the location of the leak. For instance, if the pressure at the source of the water is significantly higher than at the end, then there is a high likelihood of a leak in between the two sections. The pressure drop indicates loss of a certain volume of water and the pressure will be lowest at the leak point.   

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