All residential properties rely on the drainage system to drain wastewater away from the building. However, this system cannot function effectively if it isn't used correctly or serviced regularly. As such, every house occupant must know how to use the system to prevent one common drainage system issue — blocked drains. Knowing the common things that cause drain blockages can help you and your loved ones use the sewage system efficiently and increase its longevity. Here are some of the items that cause the sewage system blockages.

Using the drain system incorrectly

Your sewage drain system isn't a dustbin — it's designed to drain wastewater, not waste. If you allow items like hair, food waste, fats, toiletries, nappies and other foreign objects to go down the drain, your system will not operate effectively for long. Before you know it, you will start having blockage issues, and unless you contact an experienced plumber to rectify the problem, your home will become inhabitable.

Once the system is fixed, you will need to learn how to use your drainage system efficiently by knowing the dos and don'ts. Your plumber can also offer tips you must remember to prevent drain blockages. Don't forget to keep an eye on your kids as they can flush anything into the sewage system.

Growing trees or shrubs next to the water drain

Although trees and shrubs play an essential role when it comes to beautifying a home, they shouldn't be planted next to the water drains. Roots are notorious culprits that can grow and exert pressure on the drainage pipes, causing them to get damaged when you least expect it. Dry leaves and debris can also block the sewage system, especially after spring or in the fall. For this reason, it is essential to maintain your garden regularly to ensure debris does not get to the water drains and pipes to cause blockages. Do not forget to water your trees and shrubs frequently to prevent the roots from getting drawn to the drain system in search of moisture and nutrients.

Poor drain system installation

If your wastewater drainage system wasn't installed correctly, you will start having issues as soon as you start using it. Incorrect pipe installation promotes particle build-up, which eventually leads to drain blockage. Hiring a professional to install the pipes correctly will result in an efficient drain system, so don't be tempted to assign the work to an amateur. Consider working with a plumber who is trained and experienced instead.

If you need help with frequently blocked drains, contact a plumber in your area.