When you hear the words 'water leak', the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a faulty tap running on end. However, water leaks are not always so obvious. You might find yourself with a water leak and not realize it. 

Most water leaks in your plumbing system are out of plain sight. They require you to be keen in order to detect subtle signs. Yet, the damage they cause when not tended to is far from subtle. A water leak in your property can be frustrating and expensive to fix. If you suspect that you have a water leak, you need a skilled and experienced plumber to identify and fix water leak problems. 

Here are 4 warning signs that you have a water leak on your property.

Mushy or Moist Ground

Unless it is during a rainy season, your background should remain dry. A patch of mushy ground in your yard could be a sign of a broken water pipe or line in your home. Water leaking through the pipes buried underneath the ground can surface and form small pools. If you choose to ignore the problem, it can keep your yard soggy. This could result in serious structural problems. 

Musty or Mildew Smells

Leaked water tends to have a musty smell as it remains undrained for longer. If you smell a musty odour in or outside your home, there is probably some water leaking somewhere. This creates an environment for mildew to grow and, with it, a musty smell. These bad odours can seriously affect your allergies.  

Signs From Your Water Meter

Has your water bill spiked suddenly but your water usage is still the same? Your water meter can show you if there is water leaking from your plumbing system. To make sure that the spike is not a result of a seasonal change, compare your current water bill to those from previous months. 

If your water meter continues to run even when you're not using water inside or outside the house, then this is a sure sign that you have a water leak. Try turning off your water from the main inlet, and see if the meter is still running. 

Wet Wall, Floor or Ceiling 

If you notice unexplained water spills on the floor, you may have a hidden water leak. Call a plumber immediately to trace the source of the water. Dampness on the wall or ceiling is another sign of a leaking water pipe.

It is especially dangerous as it causes structural damage, which can result in expensive repairs. Look out for dark patches on the ceiling or on your wall.

Detecting a water leak quickly will save time and money. It will protect your home from structural damage and protect your occupants from respiratory disorders. 

To learn more about leak detection, contact a plumber.