Prevention is better than a cure is a saying that is true in so many areas of life. It is certainly the case when it comes to looking after your hot water tank. If you leave it until there is no hot water being stored at all, then you are likely to have to fork out for an expensive repair and potentially the replacement of your entire hot water system. By contrast, if you call a hot water plumber to deal with an issue before it becomes a major problem, the costs can be negligible. Therefore, you should always be looking out for minor faults with your hot water tank so you can identify them at an early stage. What are the signs that calling a hot water plumber might be a good idea?

  • Temperature Dips

One thing that indicates you have a problem with either your hot water tank - or the boiler that is supplying it - is when you experience temperature dips. This is different from simply emptying your hot water tank so that only cold water is left until it heats up once more. Temperature dips mean that when you run a shower, for instance, the heat level of the running water will suddenly drop for a few seconds before returning to normal. If this happens more than once, call a hot water plumber because you may have a broken thermostat or an incorrectly sized tank for the type of thermostat being used

  • Reduced Water Flow

This is a tricky one to spot because it tends to happen from a long stint of residue building up in the system somewhere, perhaps the pipes feeding your hot water tank. Many people simply turn their hot taps up to their fullest extent to overcome the issue without realising it. However, if your hot water supply is starting to trickle rather than gush, you will probably have a blockage that needs to be sorted out by a hot water plumber before there is a catastrophic failure within the plumbing leading to an unwanted leak.

  • Discoloured Hot Water

Have you noticed some yellowish or brownish water coming from your hot water supply? If so, take immediate action because even though you may not see it again for a few weeks, the issue is likely to return. Usually, such discolouration in the hot water supply means a rusting part within the hot water tank itself. This can often be replaced to make the tank as good as new but if you leave it, then the whole unit may become unrepairable.

If you are interested in learning more about hot water plumbing, feel free to contact a plumber for more info.