Every homeowner dreads water damage. Water damage leads to bigger problems such as the growth of mould in the house, rotting of the wooden structures, peeling of paint, electrical wiring problems, foundation settling and even weakening the structural integrity of the house.

Water damage can be caused by flooding rainwater, a malfunctioned hot water tank or, most commonly, faulty plumbing. Luckily, before the minor plumbing issues become a complete water damage problem, your house will give you warning signs. Here are three signs that it is time to call in an emergency plumber.

Slow Drainage

When your drainage system is working efficiently, wastewater leaves the house as soon as you pour it down the kitchen sink. However, when dirt and grease start building up inside the kitchen drain, they create a plug that obstructs the flow of water. Similarly, slow draining water in the bathroom is caused by solid particles such as balls of hair, chunks of soap and other solids getting stuck in the pipes. 

Slow drainage is a warning sign that as the plug inside the pipe gets bigger, water will stop flowing. When this happens, you will have a flooding problem in the kitchen and bathroom and also a health hazard in the home. It is best to call in an emergency plumber to fix the drains before they stop.

Smelly Drains

When gunk such as food particles, hair and rotten food accumulate inside the drain, they lead to bacteria growth. The bacteria release the odours that travel up the pipe and out of the drain.  

At times, the smell could be the result of a leak underneath the drain. Either way, you need to call in a plumber to inspect the drain and sewer pipes. They will unclog any blockages that could be forming and eliminate foul smells from your home. 

Wet Patches 

Another common indication of an underlying plumbing issue is wet patches on the wall and floor. Most of the plumbing pipes in the home are installed inside the walls. When a pipe starts leaking water into the surrounding walls, it creates a wet patch. The patch can lead to mould development, paint peeling and other water damage.

Call an emergency plumber to establish the cause of wet patches as soon as you notice them.

The best way to protect your home from water damage is by calling in a plumber as soon as you notice signs of blockage or leakage. When plumbers fix the small problems, they prevent bigger ones.