Shopping for a gas hot water system for your home? There are many configurations of gas water heaters as there are many types of water heaters in today's market. Hot water systems that run on gas are known to be more energy-efficient and cheaper to use than their electric alternatives. However, you may struggle with choosing the right one for your domestic water heating needs because they're not created equal.

Gas-powered water heaters come in two major configurations — that is, gas hot water cylinders and continuous flow water heaters. Here's what to know about each option.

Gas Hot Water Cylinder

These gas water heating systems come equipped with cylinders for hot water storage. The amount of hot water you can store depends on the size of the cylinders you have. Larger cylinders store more hot water than smaller ones and they're suitable for homes with high hot water usage. If you want to reduce your hot water use and save money, you can use a low-pressure cylinder.

Gas hot water cylinders can be stored indoors or outside the home. Homeowners with limited indoor space can save precious space by installing outdoor cylinders. 

When choosing a gas hot water cylinder, it is important to determine the right size for your domestic water heating needs. If you choose a cylinder that is too small, you'll run out of hot water. If you go for an oversized cylinder, your hot water unit will supply more hot water than you need at any given time, thus adding to your monthly energy expenses.

Gas Continuous Flow

Unlike gas hot water cylinder systems, gas continuous flow water heaters never run out of hot water because they heat water on demand instead of storing it in a hot water storage cylinder.  

These water heating units are generally more energy-efficient than gas water heaters that use storage cylinders because they only use gas when in use, so there's no heat loss from stored water. 

While these gas hot water systems could struggle to provide large amounts of hot water over a short period, multiple units can be linked together to meet the demands of households with high hot water use.

Do you need help with choosing the right gas hot water unit for your home? Get in touch with a hot water plumber in an area near you that offers products like the Rheem Stellar water heater.