Your local climate will dictate the seasons in which you can comfortably swim in your outdoor home pool. In colder southern areas of Australia, the water may only be warm enough at the height of summer. In hot northern regions, you'll get more swimming time. No matter how long it sits dormant during the year, it's a waste leaving your pool sitting there doing nothing. That's why an inverter pool heat pump is a good idea. Consider the following reasons to install one.

Extend the Swimming Season

A heat pump can extend the timeframe within which you can swim, allowing you to enjoy a dip in spring, autumn and even winter. Thus, your pool won't sit idle for six months or more, not providing any benefit while still requiring maintenance. You can pick the ideal water temperature to get the most use.

Efficient Enough to Leave on for Extended Periods

Heat pumps supply an efficient form of electrical heating for your pool, and inverter models add further efficiencies by streamlining how it reaches the target temperature. Thus, you can leave the heat pump on continuously, rather than only when you plan to swim. How you handle the heating will also rely on the local climate and what you want from the pool. For example, you might consider that you can only feasibly extend its use to cover late spring and early autumn. Thus, you can switch the heat pump off during winter. Alternatively, you could leave it on all year.

Efficient Heating Mechanism

The reason that heat pumps run efficiently is due to how they relocate rather than generate heat. They extract warmth from the surrounding air and cleverly transfer it to the water. The heat moves from the air to the refrigerant, and then to the pool. 

The cycle goes like this. The heat pump pulls air over cold pipes filled with refrigerant. The coolant absorbs the warmth and becomes hotter as a result, and turns into a gas with the help of the compressor unit. This hot gas now moves through a heat exchange chamber in the pool. The water also flows into the chamber, passing the hot coils and picking up their heat, before flowing back into the pool. 

Swim at Any Time of Day

Pleasantly warm pool water generated by inverter pool heat pumps not only extends the months that you can swim but also times of the day. You'll be able to throw evening pool parties or go for a dip after dinner even if there's a nip in the air. Additionally, you can rise early and catch some exercise before work.

For more information about inverter pool heat pumps, contact a local pool service.