Over the last five years or so, there has been a constant, if modest, growth in the plumbing services industry in Australia. Of course, a big proportion of this is accounted for by new installation work but a significant amount comes from run-of-the-mill maintenance operations, as well, such as hot water system servicing. Keeping your hot water system in good repair is a wise move if you want to avoid the greater costs involved in having to replace it entirely. Equally, calling a plumber out to inspect your system can mean you prevent a catastrophic failure. That said, how do you know you might require a hot water repair? Look out for the following common indicators that trouble may be coming.

Changing Temperatures

Most hot water system repairs can be managed if they are caught early. If you have a developing problem with your boiler, for example, then it is unlikely it will suddenly stop producing hot water one day. In fact, it is more likely you will find that your boiler starts to produce irregular water temperatures that you cannot predict. If, when you run the hot taps, you get hot water one minute and lukewarm water the next, then you should have your system inspected without further delay.

Brown Output

A hot water repair will be due if you see discoloured discharges coming from your hot taps or showerheads. This is usually caused by rusting components somewhere in the system. If you have got used to running the water for a while until the brown water drains away, then you will also probably find that the problem becomes progressively worse. Left unrepaired, you could easily end up with a plumbing joint coming apart and a big leak in your property.

Noisy Boilers

When a boiler starts to become a bit long in the tooth, it will often make a humming or mild buzzing sound. This is perfectly normal and you should continue to have it serviced regularly to keep the issue to a minimum. However, if you start to hear louder clunks or cracking noises, then it is a sign that a more significant problem is on the way and you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

Running Out of Water

If you have a hot water storage cylinder, then you should expect a certain amount of hot water to be available on demand. Nevertheless, the tank will sometimes not store enough hot water due to a fault rather than because it is too small. Running out of hot water prematurely is, therefore, often an indication of a wider issue that should be repaired before it gets worse.