As the winter season draws nearer, there are certain things you need to do to ensure your plumbing system functions effectively throughout. Usually, cold temperatures harm the plumbing system and lead to issues like frozen or burst pipes, heater failure, and blocked drains.

Since these issues lead to damage and costly plumbing repair, it's vital to learn how to prepare your residential home's plumbing system for winter. Here are some vital measures you can consider.

Identify any exposed or leaking pipes

One of the primary reasons why homeowners call professionals to repair their plumbing systems in winter is due to frozen pipes. This usually happens when exposed pipes aren't insulated before winter. If the pipes are in unheated areas, then the water in the pipes will definitely freeze when the cold weather sets in, and you won't be able to get water in your tap unless you contact a professional to do the repairs. To avoid all this, you should get an expert to check for exposed pipes, so they can be covered with insulating material to prevent them from freezing.

Also, the expert should identify leaking pipes during this inspection. Even insignificant leaks cause severe issues. For instance, when it gets cold, the water will freeze quickly and swell around the leaky section. Over time, the pipe will burst and cause water damage in your home at a time when it's costly and stressful to conduct repairs. So, it's better to fix leaks before winter sets in.

Determine if there are any plumbing system blockages

When you discard food scraps down your kitchen sink drains, you will increase the chances of having blocked drains. While it's vital to avoid this habit throughout the year, the issues can escalate during the cold weather. Usually, food remnants accumulate easily in pipes when it's cold, so you will have a blocked drain sooner.

So hire a plumber to check your entire drainage system for clogs and then get them fixed before winter. Also, get a garbage disposal system to ensure clogs don't develop in your drainage system.

Check the condition of the water heater

Your water heater will be used more during the winter season, so it's vital to ensure it's in top shape before winter. The plumber you hire will give the heating system a tune-up so you can get hot water as desired. They will even flush the tank to eliminate sediments that could cause water heating issues and replace the damaged heating components.

For more information, contact a plumber.