Although it is certainly possible to clear a blocked drain yourself, it is often advisable to call on the services of a qualified plumber instead. This is because there are many problems to overcome when dealing with a clogged drain, not least the foul smells you are likely to encounter. If you think that you would like to proceed with unblocking your drain without help, then read on. However, it is worth having the number of a local plumber in any case so that you can call upon professional assistance should you need it.

Locate the Blockage

To begin with, you will need to establish where your drain blockage is situated. The simplest way to do this is to remove the manhole covers which cover the inspection pits of your drains. If there is no standing water present in the inspection pit, then it means that the blockage is further up the system. Keep lifting each inspection pit cover until you locate standing water. When you do so, this will indicate that the problem lies downstream from this point. If no standing water is observable at all, then it is likely you have a blocked toilet instead of a drain so you will probably need to call a plumber out anyway to fix it.

Rod Your Drains

Once you have established where the problem lies, it is time to try and clear the blocked drain. The most usual method for this is to push drainage rods into the pipe working downstream towards the blockage. Most clogged drains will clear once you push the rod through whatever is causing the blockage and you will see the water start to slowly drain away. Remember to rotate your drainage rods in a clockwise manner so that they do not unscrew from one another and get lost underground. Also, take note that this is a dirty job with foul water and even raw sewage both present, so you should wear protective clothing including rubber gloves. Alternatively, ask a plumber to take on the job instead.

What If the Problem Is Unresolved?

In some cases, rodding your drains will not be enough. Either the blockage is too severe to clear by hand or there is a crack in the pipe and earth keeps falling into it, thereby causing further blockages. In either case, you will need professional assistance, so do not hesitate to call a plumber who has a video inspection kit which will help you to see exactly what is causing the issue.

For more information on blocked drains, contact a local plumber.