When a homeowner calls out a plumber to help them deal with a problem, they'll generally be pleased to see the professional and look forward to their restoring service. However, they won't be particularly happy if the said plumber needs to completely excavate their back garden to find the source of the leak. Thanks to modern technology, a plumber can now pinpoint the source of any leak with a great degree of accuracy. Excavations, should they be needed, can be very controlled and precise. So, what type of equipment can come to the rescue of a plumber who would like to remain popular?

Cutting-Edge Leak Detection

In the plumbing industry, this is known as a non-invasive leak detection. There are several different approaches, but all of them can be very successful and can quickly identify the source of any leak.

Underground Issues

Of course, an underground leak can be caused by many different events. Foraging tree roots can sometimes put so much pressure on the pipe that it splits. Shifts in the soil can stress a pipe and could cause a junction to come apart. At other times, fatigue can set in, and a pinhole leak may develop.

Ultrasonic Detection

In any of these situations, a plumber should think about using ultrasonic equipment. This solution includes an acoustic sensor fed down the pipe and connected to a laptop at the surface. As the equipment gets closer to the source of the leak, the signal will increase in intensity. The operator can then adjust the sensitivity level to identify the location with a high degree of accuracy. While the sound of water leaking through a pinhole may be difficult to detect with a human ear, this ultrasonic equipment will, nevertheless, be highly successful.

Fixing the Issue

Once the plumber is happy that they have correctly identified the source of the problem, they can then measure the physical distance and be prepared to make repairs. They will be able to dig down at the exact location without causing massive disruption to the general area.

Offering the Service

Other methods are available that use infrared imaging or that may send a tiny video camera down into the pipe network. So, if you are a plumber and want to remain on the right side of your customers, you should offer this type of non-invasive leak detection as part of your portfolio. Reach out to companies that can provide this equipment to you.

For more information, contact a leak detection equipment supplier near you.