According to the Australian government, there are serious rainfall deficiencies in many southern parts of the country, and measured levels tend to be much lower than average in other areas. These conditions can certainly lead to severe problems and water shortages, but they can also lead to unexpected issues for the average homeowner. How can prolonged drought cause damage to the underground piping in your area, and what can you do should this happen?

Dealing with Infrastructure

Many of the pipes that deliver water from the public utility to your property are somewhat old and may be made from materials that are vulnerable to damage. Some of them may be made with asbestos cement, while others are formed from cast iron, and they may certainly be affected should there be any shift in the surrounding soil.

Soil Vulnerability

Certain soils are affected more than others when it comes to moisture deficiency. Clay soils or other formations that may have high plasticity could shift more than others during drought conditions. When this happens, it can put stress on the piping system, leading to an unfortunate break.

Effects of Movement

Sometimes, a pipe can split along its length, but more often than not, movement can tear open a connecting joint. If this happens, you may lose water supply in an instant and may wonder what's going on.

Expert Attention

When you call out a plumber who has the right tools, they may be able to answer your question in short order. Once they ascertain the type of piping in question and the nature of the soil, they may decide to take a good look underground.

Targeted Work

But the plumber will not need to dig up large portions of your lawn in order to get to the bottom of things, as they can send a video camera down from above, on the end of a flexible cable. Once they locate the split or rupture, they'll have an accurate idea of its position. Sometimes, they may be able to conduct minor repairs without excavation, but they can dig the smallest hole to access the problem area if need be.

Ready for Action

So, while there is nothing that you can do about the weather and the prolonged drought, you certainly know where to turn in the event of drought-induced pipe breakage. Call in your local plumber, and they will bring their state-of-the-art tools to locate and fix the issue.

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